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Teaching the values and techniques of true karate. 


Kan Zen Ryu Karate is practiced by over 2 million people worldwide and can boast many State, National and World Champions.

At Kan Zen Ryu Karate Figtree Dojo we value teaching our students real world self-defence techniques and traditional karate. We teach far more than merely sports martial arts. It is a fact that many of the techniques that are deemed illegal in sports martial arts, are the ‘go-to’ techniques used against victims of street attacks.  The scenario based competencies students learn at our dojo are focused on defence against the most common street attacks.

Kan Zen Ryu was first established in Wollongong in the early 1970’s by Shihan H. Alenaddaf. Continuing on its proud traditions, the Figtree Kan Zen Ryu Karate Dojo prides itself on teaching traditional karate and real world self-defence.

Ages 7 years and up are most welcome.

No experience is necessary and all fitness levels are encouraged participate.  Karate is about personal development and, as each of us progresses at our own rate, all aspects of our teaching are introduced in a gradual progression.  You will see yourself become more adept at technique, while becoming fitter, stronger and more flexible in a guided and sustainable manner.

Our Dojo welcomes visitors from other styles to come and train in the spirit of friendship and learning.

Respect. Discipline. Courtesy. Honesty.

 At Kan Zen Ryu Karate Figtree, we not only teach our students a range of physical karate techniques but our lessons also highlight the importance of character development. Our grading system encourages personal growth by teaching fundamental personal development skills like respect, discipline, courtesy and honesty. 


Kyoshi Tyraus Farrelly smiling at camera in karate gi

Kyoshi Tyraus Farrelly

instructor Senpai Rick De-Oliveira smiling at camera in karate gi

Senpai Rick De-Oliveira

Senpai Will Searle smiling at camera in karate gi

Senpai Will Searle

Senpai Frank Disibio


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  • Nareena Hills Public School, Figtree NSW

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